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MS Word, Word2Tex and LaTeX formatting

There’s little doubt among the experts geeks that \LaTeX makes the prettiest pdfs out there. It however might not be the most speedy tool, especially during NaNoWriMo.

During NaNo 2009 I used both OpenOffice for Ubuntu and MSWord for Windows, and I’m guilty of loving my formatting keyboard shortcuts (italics, bolds and so on). I used word2latex to convert the doc to a tex, but my quirks needed a few previous arrangements (using search & replace):

  . → .\\
  .\\{blankspace} → .{blankspace}
  .\\” → .”\\

  ? → ?\\
  ?\\” →?”\\
  ?\\{blankspace}→ ?{blankspace}

  ! → !\\
  !\\” →!”\\
  !\\{blankspace}→ !{blankspace}

  → …\\
  …\\” → …”\\

  “\\{blankspace} → “{blankspace}

And once in the .tex file (using search & replace again):

  \dots → {\ldots}

This satisfied my formatting likings, and even if the document needed a revision for any conversion errors or slips, I was pretty happy with the result:

The following link yields to a template created from all the formatting options I chose for the CreateSpace book, ready to be copied and pasted on a \LaTeX editor (tested for MiKTeX, LED and Kile):


The cover image was made using the “antique photograph” filter on Gimp from an actual photograph. The backcover building design was created with GoogleSketcher.
Title Font: Trebuchet Trebuchet MS Bold Italic:
    Spine: size 60, color #ffffff
    backcover: size 40, color #adadad
    frontcover: size 100, color: lava 10×10


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