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McMillan Ebolavirus [Retriever]

This is a non-medical file. For medical information click [here]

McMillan Ebolavirus structure:


Patient Zero

  • Infection: via ingestion
  • First 24 hours: Development of the first set of symptoms: chills, nausea, vomiting with or without blood, nosebleeds, stomach cramps, chills, dizzy spells
  • Second day – third week: the first symptoms come and go in irregular cycles with more or less intensity, second set builds up: bloody diarrhoea, headaches or migraines, photosensitivity. Loss of coordination on limbs, frequent falls. Intermittent fever.
  • Third week – fourth week: gastrointestinal problems disappear, fever spikes up, requiring hospitalisation in some cases. Coughing starts as the virus attacks the lungs. Virus becomes airborne for a short period of time and can infect others.
  • Fourth week – sixth week: hemorrhagic fever leading to death. No record of survival after the 45th day.

Secondary infection Patients

  • Secondary infection only occurs from patient zero during a short period of time between the third and fourth week in the patient zero’s sickness course. The virus becomes airborne for a short period of time.
  • Sickness carries out the same way patient zero’s does, but the secondary-patient’s virus does not become airborne, which makes the outbreak die on its own.
  • Hypothesis: the virus becomes somewhat deactivated during its airborne period, can infect a second patient, but not survive a second airborne event [read more].
  • Death rate: only one secondary patient has survived [Bloody Mary’s McMillan virus infection]
  • Since the airborne effectiveness of the virus is short-period, the outbreaks have been contained within medics and visitors of patient zero in hospital.

Recorded outbreaks by patient zero

  • USA: Darwin Michie, Fargo, North Dakota, 6 dead
  • USA: Rashard Deck, Port St. Lucie, Florida, 4 dead
  • USA: Trudy Ney, Palmdale, California, 5 dead
  • USA: Stephen Wiliams, Boston, Massachusetts, 8 dead
  • USA: Geoffrey Stansell, Indianapolis, Indiana, 3 dead
  • France: Andrew Connors, Tolousse, 3 dead
  • Laos: Fred Lluic, [no hospital], 22 dead
  • Vietnam: Richard Dawson, Hanoi, 10 dead, one survivor.

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