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Retriever Writing Report and random curiosities

Against hope but following expectations [link] Retriever stayed as title ^^”, just like Beta-san predicted XD Not much of a surprise though, and I don’t dislike the title, so no harm done. In any case Retriever is done *insert cheering* Well, not completely done, still lacking the edition, but the gross of it is finished.

Retriever has a bit of story before becoming a story though. Spain celebrates World Book Day, on April the 23rd (supposedly due to Cervantes and Shakespeare dying on that date in 1616, never mind the different calendars), and on that day there are book sales, which is always appreciated. I was terribly surprised upon finding English-language books on discount and got myself a couple. One of them was Clive Cussler’s Iceberg (which I own up, haven’t finished yet since Retriever ate my life *coughs*). Somehow, eyeing it and searching on the Internet I ended up on the Clive Cussler Collector’s Society’s web page [link] and saw the 2012 Adventure Writers’ Competition [link] that they organize. One thing led to another, Beta-san poked and what the hell, I decided to try just for laughs.

Now, one thing about me: I royally fail at ‘genres’. Be it music (What’s the difference between pop and pop-rock anyway?) or writing (Separate ‘adventure’ from ‘action’, I dare you. And define Indiana Jones.) Anyway, GIYF (Google Is Your Friend) and we found a few tips for writing ‘Adventure’. In the end I got stuck with Retriever, which I am not sure cuts it, but it is done. I think it was fun at some point XD

Gabriel Clark is a retired CIA agent who works as a teacher in Hawaii. He might be my oldest main character since forever (if you don’t count youthful stories featuring vampires I guess XD) and getting a knack on his speech patterns was hard at first. Akira Kellers, the sidekick, however, posed no difficulty; he speaks Geekspeak and I am an expert on that.

Akira and Gabriel meet on a plane bound to Honolulu. Gabriel comes back from a congress and Akira is heading off for vacations when Gabriel’s laptop freaks out. Akira, who lacks the ‘No I won’t fix your computer’ spirit [link], decides to give him a hand with it. Gabriel, thankful, offers to invite the other for a beer, unforeseeing that by doing that he is making Akira a collateral target when an old enemy tries to get revenge on him by spiking their beer pitch with a deadly genetically engineered virus [link]. Gabriel and Akira have six weeks to find a cure, or they are dead meat.

One of the weirdest things that have happened around Retriever was me having to take a plane during the time I was writing. As I was waiting for a transfer, typing away, a guy approached and asked me if I could have a look at his computer, which was not working well. I almost died laughing in the poor guy’s face, but I tried to give him a hand. Unfortunately his battery died by the time I had figured out the problem. Fortunately, he did not try to invite me over for anything in thanks. I don’t think I would have survived that.

During most of summer, I have tried to write 1000 words of Retriever daily. My unrealistic goal was to have it finished before July 27th, which of course did not work, but the most realistic one, August 15th was almost a success, I finished typing on August 16th. I need to admit that the first edit has been hard; I had lots of trouble concentrating on it. In the end when I was editing I just closed Firefox so I avoided all the temptations (read: memebase [link]) and in the end beat procrastination!

Current word count is 67143, which is a wide margin from the 50k which was the competition limit. Speaking of competition, apparently it’s open to the public on FB [link] so you can snoop around starting October. And since we’re on the Facebook topic, Akira has one too, if you want to stalk him [link]

One last note, the song I’ve listened more while working on this has been XJapan’s Jade [link]. No clue why.

P.S.: I shall update the preview with the final version after I have finished looking at Beta-san’s edits ^^


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