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box.net [Opinion and minitutorial]

I got a little bit of time so I thought I would write about a tool I am using for the blog but I have never really explained. That would be box.net [link]. Box.net is a file sharing web-based tool that allows you to share a bunch of files (including .doc, .pdf, .txt and .png, to name the ones I have used) on a flash application, which gives you control over how much you share about it. What called my attention about it was the fact that it allows you to share documents without allowing the person on the other side of the screen to just copypaste your words. I.e. if someone wants to copy what you are sharing, they can not just highlight it and hit control+C, they would have to type it out, and that’s time-consuming

It has, of course, some pros and cons:


  • It allows different degrees of sharing:
    • Preview (no download)
    • Download (no preview)
    • Preview and download
  • Allows versions, i.e., you can upload different versions of the same file and the link to the file remains the same
  • Your account is (or can be) organized in folders, for neat storage
  • Allows comments on files
  • The free account has a storage capacity of 5GB, and once you trash a file it disappears from your storage
  • Most of the features are present in the free account
  • Has the option of sharing whole folders


  • The task/sharing tools can be a bit un-intuitive [link]
  • The application runs on a flash player; which is not the most computer/browser friendly thing ever
  • Some html platforms will just explode when you try to embed the shared file).
  • When you share a full-screen file, the user might have trouble finding the download option.
  • Requires a bit of html knowledge if you want to do something a bit outside the default options
  • It always carries the uncertainty of the web-based resources. When will it die out? (hopefully not in a long time ._.)
  • Does not allow multiple-browser log-in
  • When log-in asks for your email or username, it’s actually asking you for your email. I have never been able to log in with just my username.

A screenshot of how it looks for the author, and some explanatory notes (click for bigger):

This is how it looks for the reader with standard options (which does not really need much explanation; again, click for bigger). Download can be turned off:

Full screen reader options (you got the drill by now, click for bigger). The full-screen option, which is the one I use, is an html-trick of the default embbed option:

I have to say that I really like box.net to share files, especially excerpts of my writings. If someone wants to copy them down, they’ll at least have to type it out and sweat it xD (of course if you allow downloading, the c/p option using Control+C comes back XD)


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  1. Denise October 10, 2011 at 00:37

    And the first file on your screen shot is by no means Azusa’s fault, I am sure.