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NaNoWriMo 2011: Before and After. Part 2: After

It is the evening of December 1st (though the blog tells you it’s December 2nd, I blame it on internetlessness at home) and I’m home sleepily snugglinng my slanket, and NaNoWriMo 2011 is over. Once again, lack of internet shows in the updated wordcount on the Nano page, so I’ll show you a few screenshots of my spreadsheet. The final count at 00:00 today was 107153 words, which is up to date my highest NaNo count. Comparison (click for bigger):

I plan NaNo in advance with a nice little outline that usually is not that little and is at times blatantly ignored. Although the idea is to write 1667 words a day, my ‘need to’ count is 1500-words for weekdays and 2500 words during weekend days. Apparently I am not too good at following guidelines, as the next spreadsheet shows XD

First and second columns are really straightforward, day of the week and date; the third is the Office of Letters and Light’s official wordcount; the fourth is the cumulative wordcount that I need in my 1500/2500 scheme (column five); column six is the actual cumulative wordcount and column seven is the daily wordcount. Finally the eight column is ‘words missing to 50k’. I apparently went a bit overboard though XD The graphs to the right are my cumulative count (green) vs the OLL cumulative (pink) on the first row, along with sector percentage to the upper leftmost (halwfay through the month is in red for missing, green for done), and my actual cumulative vs my own cumulative count on the bottom left.

The first 19 days I focused on my planned novel, The Shikigami of Trust, of the Osaka Guardians series. It ended up having two extra chapters and did not come out completely as expected, but most of the time I had fun with it. It was however about 9000 words longer than expected, two extra chapters and a ‘cumulative extra of about 3k (you know the drill, click for big):

The structure of the Osaka Guardians series tries to be the same for all books: Prologue (1000 words), Chapter 0 (2000 words), a number of regular chapters (about 20, each 3000 words) and an Epilogue (1000 words); the Prologue and the middle chapter show the same scene from different points of view. What made Trust special this time was it was the first time since forever that I had a strong female character taking up the co-protagonist role (I just made to wordcount the post, see what NaNo does to you? XD) and the absolute first time of an heterosexual NC17 scene – time for discoverings XD. It flowed up rather well, even during the scenes that were not planned. The average daily wordcount was close to 4000, but of course it is very biased by the weekend days and the first-day burst, and the total word count is 74238 pending a long process of editing.

I was not planning to continue writing, NaNo-wise, and I had nothing in store after Trust; however, just for the hell of it, I started Undeliverable, in the Retriever universe, with nothing but a couple of very basic ideas, and started developing them on the go. A few words to 33k, I’d say I’m halfway the story (actually, Undeliverable’s word count is a bit higher after adding some snippets I had previously written following random ideas, but those don’t count for NaNo, the final real count for it today is 35275). No clue of what is going to happen with it, but I want to finish it, eventually, although not at the same rhythm (2992 words per day, on average).

The total daily average has been 3572 words, higher during Trust than during U/D, which makes sense considering that the former was planned and the later is being thought of ‘on the go’. I have missed the Interent quite a bit during the writing process, in order to check facts as I was writing, especially travelling distances, but that’s what’s editing is for. All in all, NaNo’2011 went rather well and kept me distracted during long dark evenings with bad weather, but now I can do other things, after all, I’ve just gotten myself Kaplan and Dubro’s Yakuza. Japan’s Criminal Underworld and tomorrow (today XD) I got a few upcoming train hours. I will pack up a pen and post-its…


3 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2011: Before and After. Part 2: After

  1. Denise December 4, 2011 at 01:00

    Those numbers are not just super impressive they make shiny graphs too! Unless excel explodes all around you, but that is just my trouble. Anyways. I would hardly have known that Undeliverable was not planned! So is December NaNoEdMo for you? Or you primarily keep writing on U/D? I mean, sadly you still got those evenings without internet but with slanket…

    • Sakaki Delijah December 5, 2011 at 13:22

      XDDD I knew that you would like the graphs XDDD. Thing is that I’d like to go on with U/D but… I’m in a huuuuuge slump, so atm is ‘reading about yakuza and Japan history month’? ^^”