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Decisions, Decisions

A while back I got myself a couple of books from the Howdunit Series. I loved one of them, Murder One and hated the other, Armed and Dangerous. For a while I have been thinking that I need to break the tie-in, because one bad and one good… gah. I am on a research book hype since I got myself Yakuza – Japan’s Criminal Underworld, which I love but I need to read slowly to absorb all the facts, so I have been looking at the Howdunit Series again (Side note: be prepared for a completely flaily review about Yakuza when I’m done with it).

So here’s what I want:

  • Body Trauma : A Writer’s Guide to Wounds and Injuries by David W. Page
  • Deadly Doses: A Writer’s Guide to Poisons by Serita Deborah Stevens
  • Cause of Death: A Writer’s Guide to death, murder & forensic Medicine, by Keith D. Wilson
  • Malicious Intent: A Writer’s Guide to how murderers, robbers, rapists and other criminals think, by Sean P. Mactire

… I wonder what that list says about me XD

Malicious Intent really caught my eye, because it presents itself as a “reference book offering information on criminal psychology, covering motivation, choice of victim, and police detective methods”, but the reviews are… disheartening to say the least, most of them reasoned and backed-up. On the other hand is out for less than £3 (second hand), shipping included, so maybe it is worth it? After all I am interested in the psychological part of it all…

Body Trauma calls me because… well, it is no surprise to anyone that many of my charas end up beaten a lot and yeah, there is that weird hospital fixation of mine too, and Deadly Doses sounds awfully interesting, and kind of handy to have, especially when you can search for poisons based on their symptoms. And lets face it, it will help me look less like a psychopath on my google history XD. Finally, you may call me morbid but I want Cause of Death because I would like to write about a Medical Examiner at some point. I’ve actually tried it before, but always given up due to different reasons, or only have had them as minor characters.

But there’s the want and then is the hm. I’d really like to get the last three books, and let’s be honest, I probably will get at least two of them. They are cheap in Amazon’s marketplace after all XD, and for some reason I don’t mind them being second-hand. Probably due to the lack of faith I have at the moment XD

About the first one, Malicious Intent… I don’t know, maybe for that price I will consider it, even if the reviews were so negative. Thinking about it, however, I have remembered a resource I have been using before, from the US Federal Bureu of Investigations (yup, the FBI): Serial Murder –Multidisciplinary Perspectives for Investigators which actually makes a few interesting points on how ‘bad guys’ think. Although the hand-out focuses on serial killers, it can be used for other criminal profiles and makes an interesting myth vs. truth list. Considering how much we are exposed to fictional psychopaths, it was a good thing to read, very informative.

Then again, this whole post might be me ranting because I’m totally stuck on Undeliverable and I don’t want to type a ‘Writer’s block’ post? You’ll find out what I decided when I start making reviews of the books I get in the end…


2 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Alexis December 28, 2011 at 09:27

    Oooooh, many interesting looking books! Also love the Yakuza with all the sticky tabs! ❤