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Iwase Tadashi (岩瀬 唯) – Birthday Post

Not long ago (or actually a bit ago, April 2011 XD) I read an article that I have been unable to find again on the Mainichi Shinbun [link] regarding pet rabbits. It featured some Marc Morrone whom I had never heard about but who seems to be an authority in pet-keeping. The article read something like this at one point: Bunnies are an animal that the entire world eats; they live in a state of perpetual anxiety that somebody’s going to eat them. Once they realize no one is going to eat them, they relax and you can see their true nature come out. (A friend found another version of the article here [link] Thanks!)

It made me think a lot about Tadashi, whom some of my friends and I, affectionately or less affectionately, nickname ‘the Bunny’. Tadashi popped up as a support character for fanfiction, back in 2006 or 2007, and somehow, when I was not looking he sneakily fleshed out. Let me tell you, if one were to cross analyse him, he would probably get a heap load of points in the next best Mary Sue Test [link] – chronically insecure, weird hair colour, raised in poverty, one parent missing… yeah, one could check many points.

What can I do, I like the boy…

I would eventually like to write his story, one that does not go into the shaded world of fanfiction, and a while back I started working on his life history, this time trying to make sense of it. Let me explain: when he was originally conceived, he was not supposed to be important so his life was just a bunch of facts thrown together, and let’s be honest, not to… realistic. In other words, research done? Nill XD. As things became serious and I started considering writing about him in his own universe, I started working things out.

Iwase Tadashi has black eyes and a shock of dark and light hair. He was born into a humble family, his mother is a seamstress who specializes in kimono sewing and his father was a trucker who died in an accident when he was twelve. Soon after that, his twin sisters, Mika and Mina, were born. His mother, Iwase Mariko, had a hard time bringing up three children and making ends meet, and by the time he was in Junior High, Tadashi was dealing with bullying at school – he was nerdy, scrawny, shy and poor, he might as well have had a target painted on his forehead. In second year of high school, in summer, he developed a crush on the resident bad boy, Sawamura Shuichi, which led him to have lots of trouble and even end up in hospital.

He is good with languages, although terrible at maths. He managed to get a scholarship and moved to Tokyo to attend the Tokyo University Foreign Studies [link], where he attends the Language and Information Studies Program and takes a few extra language classes – because food is overrated and he prefers geeking around to eating. He has a stress-related eating disorder and a hyper-active metabolism, which means he gets sick whenever he is stressed because his body needs more nourishments but he does not eat.

Tadashi is gay, and has… control issues, only the other way around. He is submissive by nature and part of him enjoys being overpowered, though the other part needs to be pampered and spoiled. On top of that he is terminally shy, so it is a very thin and confusing line the one his boyfriend walks – said boyfriend, Asou Shota, is a lovable spoiled rich brat who messes up more often than not, but we will talk about him some other time, along with the whole You & I setting. It is here where the Bunny nickname comes into play, what with that terror of being hurt and the utter helplessness Tadashi always seems to suffer in sexual topics.

I know that, eventually, Tadashi and Shota will move to New York and have a dog, a Landseer Newfoundland called Taki [link] but for now, I keep planning.

All in all, there’s just one reason for this post: Happy Birthday, Tadashi-bunny. Your life in and outside the imagination world has been rocky, but I love you. And if that makes me a sap, then call me a sap. Or blame the season~

Bunny image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license and has been obtained from Wikimedia Commons. Attribution: [link]


7 responses to “Iwase Tadashi (岩瀬 唯) – Birthday Post

  1. Denise December 29, 2011 at 13:39

    and he’s like your only character with a birthday, no? Makes him all the more special!

  2. Alexis December 30, 2011 at 03:02

    Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!! I loves him!! ❤

    and I fail at any more of a coherent comment than that ^^;;