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Of plotbunnies, MEs and other evils

I am not really sure of how much about plotbunnies I am going to rant, but plotbunnies are mean by definition so it felt like a good title. My not writing self has been drowning in work and exhaustion, so I haven’t been doing much thinking or writing. Undeliverable is moving forward slowly, veeery slowly; I think I have lost some drive. I skipped one chapter though, so basically the whole thing is unreadable as of yet, and unfortunately I think I’ve lost some drive with it. I need to find a boost but I don’t know how to get it. I am hovering over the end, but I am not convinced about anything just yet. U/D should have a good ending so it feel settled in my mind.

Funnily enough, the Retriever – U/D universe might become a world I visit again. For a long time, I’ve wanted to write an ME (Medical Examiner, aka a dignified coroner). I have no clue of why, though it might have been one of my own shock treatments. When I was about eight years old, I decided to be all adult-y and decided to start reading thMe newspaper. Then again, the newspaper had no colourful pictures so I settled for the magazine that came with it. Never mind that most of the time it went just over my head XD. No, this is not a random rant, it leads somewhere. Anyway, I was 8, reading over newspaper magazines and this extract of a book was there. I never knew it was an extract from a book, there was just a very colourful picture of a frilly thing in blue and red and green and yellow. By then I thought it was an actual article. I don’t know the title of the book nor the author, but it was about an Ebola outbreak in a plane. It described to the small details the hemorrhagic fever stage in patient zero, and I was terrified. I had nightmares for months, years even – a description of a rabies outbreak and being told it had no cure did not help. One day, however, I was about 14 and decided to go over my virus panic and started watching virus movies on TV. Back by that time they were running a virus-in-plane season, and I watched all of them. Eventually I got hooked on the bloody things… no pun intended, I swear… and now I love them, and the worse and less believable the thing is, the better.

Well, something alike happened with MEs. I was terribly scared of the dark and of death – I was an impressionable child, I grew up in a very small village believing that everything on TV was as real as on magazines XD By that time werewolves and unicorns were as likely to be found in the forest as squirrels and boars. Yeah, laugh. That was me, long ago

I digress. I was saying that probably a counter-measuring my death-is-chasing-me-phobia, maybe in a subconscious level I forced myself to start paying attention to the MEs in three thousand four hundred crime / whodunit TV series and movies ever made – or maybe they are just the forgotten unsung heroes.

So the point of this whole rant was me wanting to write an ME. Well, I want to write an ME – who would’ve thunk? XD – and at points I wonder which universe he belongs to. The Retriever – U/D seems about right, basically because American input is the most common. However, it feels a little forceful to insert another Asian guy into the USA universe, and for some reason I don’t feel like writing a Caucasian at the moment when I’m so hung up with Asians. I know that he is a vegetarian, has some kind of religious beliefs – he seems to believe in an afterlife? – and… that’s it. But he has no plot for now, and probably a ton of research to do – probably much more if he ends up placed in a non USA universe, since we already have the preconceived idea of the USA crime scenery.

I also wanted to mention something really random that I have come to realize. It has to do with the ages of the characters I write. When I started writing I was 13 and by then 16 was omg the oldest and wisest thing ever. Now I can comfortably write 40- and 50-year-olds and don’t think that they are too old, nor old at all. Must be my own age XD

That was all for today as I wait for my plotbunnies to recover from their sick leave so I can go back to writing in a regular schedule. Thanks for reading the most random of all the random blog entries ever~

PsS (warning: the small s stands for sap): I have rigged this so it shows up in time for someone very special’s birthday, cause whatever happens, I am glad you were born and that I got to know you ^^


8 responses to “Of plotbunnies, MEs and other evils

  1. Denise January 12, 2012 at 08:38

    Your brain = a never-ending mystery ❤
    Why does Medical Examiner abbreviate to MI?
    You know Pi is one in the drama starting one of these days right? So if you wanna write Japan… call it research?