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Glasgow, thriller scenery?

Remember my ME from a while back back [link]? Well, he is on the loose and has decided to fleshen himself up, Undeliverable and author’s wishes be damned (U/D, by the way only lacks one chapter in the middle of the story indeed, but only one).

Anyway, back to the stupid ME. I am surprised at how fast he latched onto my brain, picking traits from characters yet barely defined like anyone would get a buffet meal.

I knew that he would be Asian, so that did not surprise me. That was part of the original issue: researching police procedures in Japan is a nightmare, researching pathology procedures would be even worse, I fear. I wondered about USA for a while, but I worry that that will take me back into the Retriever/Undeliverable universe. There are only so many Asians in USA law enforcement, and while an Aaron or Ru cameo would be fun I am not complete sure that I want to stay in the universe.

That left me toying with the idea of using a place in Europe, and Glasgow is a rather Victorian city with a big Asian community – apparently ME is of Korean ethnicity. It would not be a bad place to set up a thriller scheme, but I have actually never written anything in an environment so familiar… weird XD. Any ideas / opinions?

Unsurprisingly, my brand new ME is gay – very gay. The would-not-ever-sleep-with-a-woman-if-you-paid-me-I-dun-find-any-of-them-pretty kind of gay. He works the night shift or at least a late day shift, and is sleeping with someone who has a nice morning shift. Not really in a relationship, just sleeping together, or so he maintains. A ‘just sleeping together’ that sometimes involves taking loverboy’s kid out. Apparently loverboy is a divorced detective and gets kiddo one weekend a month. And that’s only the beginning on how much they yell, come on ME-guy claims to own a cat named Bubbles. WTF XD

So here I am, struggling with U/D, suffering from yelling characters and wondering if I can actually pull a thriller and if Gaslgow is indeed a good scenery for it.

Now, can anybody make them shut up while I work on finishing U/D? I don’t think I can produce a serial killer plot just snapping my fingers, thank you very much. Oh, and while you’re on it, make them understand that if I ever get around to write this… it’s so not going to be called Death, sex and bubbles. That is final.


8 responses to “Glasgow, thriller scenery?

  1. Denise January 17, 2012 at 12:22

    Oh Korean? That’s new. Well other than the silent one. Anyways, any clue why there are so many Koreans in Glasgow? Seems so… unlikely. Also i vote for a Rick cameo. He’s not Asian!! I think for research purposes, using a place you can actually go to is all kinds of helpful and accuracy can easily be much higher without requiring too much more research. I mean, it is not for nothing that in Germany regional crime novels have a huge boom – people like to read about places they know just as much as about exotic places, too.

    Is Scotland Yard only in London or is there a Scotland branch? XD
    Also does that mean loverboy and Akamatsu’s long lost cousin are one and the same person? Also child laws dun say weekends have to alternate? I thought they did… means kiddo twice a month?

    In my humble opinion after Night you are not too far away from a Thriller, so that should not be a problem. And if Glasgow feels right, go for it! Death, sex and bubbles is an awesome title though.

    • Sakaki Delijah January 23, 2012 at 14:43

      There is quite a big community that I was told is Korean but after walking around the area most the shops have Chinese fronts – or at least not written in Hangul. I need to look deeper into it, because I know that a lot of Hong Kong Chinese came to the UK before it was given back to China, so this might be them.

      I think Scotland Yard is a London thing, and well, by now you know why kiddo is only around one weekend XD

      Yes, you have mentioned about \i>Night feeling almost like a thriller, but I don’t see that XD” and NO, IT IS NO A GOOD TITLE AT ALL!!!!

      • Denise January 24, 2012 at 13:51

        It still is an awesome title and Night was a Thriller.
        I know about the HK Chinese, but am not aware of relations with Korea which is why I was asking.

        • Sakaki Delijah January 24, 2012 at 13:55

          thing is I actually wonder if they are Koreans or just is a misconception and they are actually Chinese. But I just don’t think jumping random Asian people on the street and asking them for their actual ethnicity is good manners….

      • Denise January 24, 2012 at 14:10

        You should be able to tell the difference when they speak? Korean sounds like Japanese a lot… Chinese does not. Also with lots of hanja (word for kanji in korean) the likelihood of it being Korean decreases fast. They are barely using them any more… but if they use them then it is for place and store names, so not helpful I guess. But if you go into eny of the stores just have a listen for initial greetings, or try some yourself to see which does not get a puzzled look XD

  2. Alexis January 17, 2012 at 16:09

    Wai?! (Korean for why) That is fine title!! *coughs* Sorry ^^;;

    But it sounds tons of interesting to me! And like Denise said, actually having been there should only help with research.