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Victim #14 – Scenery (1)

I had to head off to Glasgow this weekend so I decided to take a few detours and walk around some of the sceneries I’ve used for Victim #14 (I told you about the plotbunny here [link] and here [link]). The story revolves about David McFarlane, a Serious Violent Crime detective from the Strathclyde Police and Min Ki Lee, a.k.a. Kim Lee, the Korean-immigrant medical examiner. Both become part of the police task force which aims to catch a serial killer in the city of Glasgow, who has been dubbed ‘The Glasgow Calligrapher’ because he chooses Chinese victims and engraves an ideogram on their backs before removing their left eye and killing them. And now, to be cliché I should say something that both of them getting dragged into the investigation which becomes personal and yadda yadda. I’ll spare you ^^

(Note: I added links to the pictures in case you want the bigger versions. Click on them if you want to check something out in detail.)

In the prologue we meet the short-lived first victim of the killer, who is killed outside Central Station, in the Argyle Tunnel (it is just Argyle Street, but I have this thing for calling it the Tunnel, because most of Argyle street is open under the sky). She meets her killer in the station itself:

And gets killed here, in the Argyle Tunnel. Fine, this was Saturday, noon, so it was packed. Empty and dark is much creepier. The first time I went to Glasgow I stayed in a hotel next block and coming back at night was a bit on the ‘I wonder if there’s a serial killer lurking around’ side. I played up with the colours of the second one because the camera made it look lighter than it actually is:

The train stations in Glasgow, except Central, have very distinctive yellow walls. Kim uses the train to get to Partick, the area where he lives:

The trains are also rather distinctive, and usually either Britishly punctual or cancelled.

As mentioned before Kim lives in Partick, but I was too lazy to get off the train and take good pictures of it, I might do it at a later time. It is a much nicer area than these pictures make it look, and has a number of Asian restaurants and shops. Actually I think I saw more there the last time I was there than in the official Chinatown, Cambridge Street (yes, I’ve been there before, I just had not had the idea of taking pictures for this XD).

This is the Strathclyde Police Headquarters building in Pitt Street, where my main characters work. Note to self: three floors, not five.

And this is the very atypical Chinatown, where most of the Asians in Glasgow live, a.k.a. the biggest victim pool for the Calligrapher. I am rather sure now that the community is Chinese, not Korean, that is why I adapted the victim profile to Chinese people.

This is Buccleuch Street, leading to Cambridge street. This is the area where Tian Xiao’s body was found. Tian Xiao is the victim that sparks the media and the politician’s interest in the murders. The serial killer had been underplayed before, even if he had been killing for ten years. However, I did not go to the bad parts of town where other victims were discovered though XD

The Trongate 103, where the Ricefield Arts and Cultural Centre [link] can be found. Since Kim being Korean is the closest that any of my cop-characters is from understanding Chinese culture, they look for help there.

I forgot to take a picture of was the Glasgow Warriors Stadium, which gets mentioned a few times. You can see a tiny pic here [link]. Also, my characters hit Greggs quite often, because it’s are a popular bakery franchise around here [link], but I never thought of taking a picture of it. I want to try it one of these days, but it’s kinda expensive for the kind of food they offer.

That’s all for now, I hope you found this interesting. If so, I might follow-up and make another scenery post.


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  1. Denise February 12, 2012 at 08:30

    I really liked this kind of entry. It helps for envisioning and not thinking too wrong. I was not aware of sooo many red brick buildings around!