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Research Lectures on Crime, psychopaths and violence

TED [link] Conferences are more addictive than LOLcats, and way more informative. Roaming through the archive, I found three that I have found terribly interesting and that have concepts that I have tried to incorporate in Victim #14.

Jim Fallon: Exploring the mind of a killer
James Fallon is an American neuroscientist who has made some interesting research over the brain activity of psychopaths.

There is a follow-up / sister talk in Moth, too Moth: Confessions of a Pro-Social Psychopath [link].

Philip Zimbardo shows how people become monsters… or heroes
Philip George Zimbardo is the psychologist who carried out the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971, which went terribly wrong. In this talk he reflects over it in the wake of the US Army abuses against Iraqi war prisoners a few years ago.

Steven Pinker on the myth of violence
Steven Arthur Pinker is a Canadian-American experimental psychologist (and a hell load more things) who makes an analysis over violence in history, and how, apparently, things are not as bad as they look

Speaking of Victim #14, I go to write my daily 500 words of Victim #14 and stop procrastinating. Although this reminds me that I got myself another research book, on cops who chase serial killers. I thought it would be more useful and not as difficult to stomach than those famous serial-killers interview books. Unrelatedly, I also got another book on prostitution and the sex business in Japan, which is a bit old but I was depressed, it was cheap, and it’s research material XD

P.S. Random blog post is random, maybe, but today it’s a year since I started writingechoes, so I thought about posting something XD


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