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Victim #14 Scenery (2)

Here’s the follow-up of the Victim #14 – Scenery (1) post [link] (because the duh title is not enough, I am sure XD). I went off to Glasgow again and I bring you more sceneries, and a couple of bonuses ^^ Most of the pictures you can make bigger if you click on them, too.

First, this time I did remember to take a pic of the Stadium as the train drove by. I am not dedicated enough to walk there and possibly pay to get inside when I can share an overview which is not half bad after all. Besides, after all, it was this view which sparkled the scene that happened there.

The Eliá Restaurant [link] is an amazing Greek restaurant in George Square. I keep wanting to go back to it, but to be honest, there are two Japanese restaurants within a minute from it, so I always end up being… sidetracked, you could say. However I thought that it would be a good place for the taskforce meeting, and gave me a good excuse to avoid haggis. In case you are not aware of it, haggis is a sort of national dish, a pudding or sausage made with sheep’s offal (a.k.a. guts) and several spices. Guys can get into pissing matches about who can eat it faster – seems to be a very Scottish thing – and I did not trust my guys not to try and outeat each other.

Greggs [link] is a typical bakery, they have very typical signals, and I can say that the muffins are good. I want to try their sandwiches one day. Some Sunday mornings I think I should go get some, but I am too lazy to get there before the people who come from mass…

Costa Coffee [link] is the local equivalent to Starbucks (I will take a wild guess and hope that you do know what Starbucks is XD). It will come as no surprise that this place I have tried – and in more than one occasion. I love their Vanilla Latte, but it is a bit on the expensive side for an everyday coffee shop, I’d say. However, they claim to use fair trade coffee, so hopefully that money goes back to the people who need it in the first place. For the non-coffee lovers, they also have chocolate~

On my way back I stopped in Partick, which is one of the outer suburbs of Glasgow, where Kim lives. It is quite a Victorian area, and I don’t know if it was due to the road works, but it seemed to be in a constant traffic jam, which would explain why Kim does not drive XD These are the inside of the station – looking towards Glasgow, i.e., Kim’s way every morning, and the station itself

View of generic buildings. This is the street I see from the train, and how I decided that Kim would be living there.

A random couple of churches coexisting in front of a shopping mall

And this is actually Kim’s street, I decided it today. He surely will keep fit climbing that hill every day! (For the record, that’s halfway of the hill though, and it looks steeper in real life [link])

Bonus! A couple of typical Scottish things that you might not have heard about

Pot noodle [link] are the Scottish fast food. Plain old ramen, just add boiling water. David always has a few pots in the kitchen for emergencies. I try to cut on them, but this one was for the sake of you guys being informed!


Irn Bru [link] is the ‘other’ national drink. It’s a ‘sparkling flavoured soft drink’. It oversells Coke in this country. It is bright orange, and terribly sugared. The bottle you see is the wee (small) one, 500 ml, and it took me over four hours to be able to handle it XD

There will be at least another post on this topic, so stay tuned!


4 responses to “Victim #14 Scenery (2)

  1. Denise March 4, 2012 at 12:34

    And of course you show us the curry flavor! Have I mentioned that I always misread Partick? In my mind your ME totally lives in Patrick.

    • Sakaki Delijah March 4, 2012 at 12:47

      Well, I had to eat it afterwards so I chose my fave! XD
      Not only you, when I first moved in I read Patrick all the time and kind of type it half the time but they pronounce it in a very particular way, so I got used to Partick XD