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Victim #14 Scenery (3)

The new scenery report (find the previous ones here: [link] [link]) revolves around Glasgow Necropolis. It is a Victorian graveyard on a low hill to the east of Glasgow Cathedral which is used as park [link].

The first burial was in 1832, and the last date I saw was 1975 if my memory does not skip. About 50000 burials have taken place at the Necropolis, though there are roughly only about 3500. These reach up to 14 feet deep, with stone and brick walls. On the hill top, some tombs were directly blasted out of the rock.

The Necropolis seems to attract quite a few visitors, both tourists and locals, and they tend to gather on the “Heritage Trail” [link], in the front part of the park. The back area is more deserted, less impressive and a bit more creepy (I wandered around there for 20 minutes without seeing anyone, while I crossed maybe 40 people on the trail). The scenery makes you wonder if any of those tombs aligned against the walls is not as solid as it seems and might be the secret entrance to something deep into the hill…

Let’s be honest now. My camera is awesome with light so the pictures look brighter than they should, so I tried to add some… gloominess to it all by using dark clouds filters on them before posting. Forgive the quality, especially if you click on them to make them bigger

Entrance Gate, by the Cathedral:

Bridge of Sighs (well, a bit of it) and scenery:

General view:

Heritage Trail:

The emptier back area:

I can’t really reveal what is going to happen here, unless you want me to spoil the whole book so… that’s all for now.

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  1. Denise March 12, 2012 at 10:11

    Should any of the Heritage names ring a bell with me?