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My 500 word a day experiment (2)

It is day #59 of the 500 words experiment [link] and I just hit the NaNoWriMo magic number, 50000 words. Technically, if I were following the actual progressive count I should be at 29500 today. I guess I am not too good with limits XD

Sometimes Victim #14 flows better than others. Yesterday I struggled to write 500 words during the evening and then I had a random boost of productivity and reached 1200 in an hour after midnight (I count “awake” days and not “natural” days). Today I got my first 500 in under 20 minutes. It makes me proud that even if I am going through harsh times – again – I am managing to keep my wordcount most of the time, with only 4 days missed until now, and all due to serious circumstances, not random procrastination

Here’s the progress until now:

Upper graph is the cumulative wordcount, with the blue bars being the actual increment my writing has every day and the dark yellow line the 500-word-a-day trend line. Lower graph shows the amount of words written per day in green. Blank days are the days in which I did not write at all – apparently this is an all-or-nothing thing?

While this is way far off than a random NaNo day wordcount, I have to say that during NaNo the only thing I do aside from work is writing, and in this case I am doing my research as I go along and doing lot of reading, both on research and on the side. NaNo projects are usually pre-researched and pre-outlined or don’t need much work on those fronts during the actual writing process – even more this NaNo, with zero Internet around!

I am absolutely in love with the Amazon marketplace and the cheap books I can find there. Even when one of my last orders got lost in the post, it was promptly replaced and I have it here. It is good to have a reference on actual murder investigations in the UK. Some things will have to be added in the revision, but now that the book is here – even if a month late, I can incorporate what it teaches me into the ongoing investigation.And what the hell, Victim #14 is fun to write.

Meanwhile I fend off evil plotbunnies that want to distract me and consider enrolling into a Strathclyde University short course or two…


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