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Hanafuda 2.0

A while back I told you about Hanafuda Card Game (花札), which along with dice and pachinko is one of the games associated with yakuza. I posted pictures of my deck of cards, too [link]. I am not a games person, but I guess that the whole background of this makes me like it, and I was happy when I found a free game app for my smartphone.

This is the free hanafuda game that I play. It was created by Hidetoshi Hayakawa [link], using the hachihachihana (八八花) design, which is the same one that I have on my deck. You can upgrade to a different design, but I love this one anyway. It has one and two-player mode and on and off-line options. I play with the CPU offline, and sometimes I even win! And there is proof! Here are a few screen shots from different games, showing the pretty cards (this reminds me that I should not be lazy and put my cards out to take pictures and make a proper table. Meanwhile you can check here [link]):

There are lots of hanafuda games in the Japanese smartphone market, I can’t help but imagining a yakuza or two having a game in his phone. Betcha they even have strip-hanafuda version. Here is one of those Japanese games, Futari de Hanafuda (二人で花札, something like “Hanafuda for two”) by NHN Japan Corp. [link] that my lovely beta was kind enough to send to me. As much as I like the hachihachihana design, I have to admit I love the boar, which stands for the 10-point card in July (Clover Bush), you can see here that our boar is fighting the deer (October Maple 10-point card):

Anybody else plays hanafuda on their phones? I’d love some screenshots!


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