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London Trip Outcome

While I owe you a couple of posts about Victim #14 (how exactly did we get to 80,000 words over there?? I mean… oh, well, we’ll leave it for that post), I am going to talk about something completely different now. As some of you know, I made this little parabolic jump to London for about 46 hours to attend a L’Arc~en~Ciel concert [link] (hey, look who learned the html code to open links in new tabs!), and aside coming back with a lot of merch and shiny things from the concert itself, my bookworm self got a few rewards out of the trip.

The first one I found while I was rummaging a bookstore in Glasgow airport. It is a booklet about the McFarlane Clan. Actually it is an overpriced 30-pages brochure that does not even talk about the McFarlanes until page 15, but I just had to get it. I chose David McFarlane’s name for Victim #14 from a list of common Scottish names and as a little bit of an inside (okay, private) joke, and I really laughed when I realised that there is a monument to some Duncan McFarlane in Glasgow Necropolis, but according to the book, Loch Lommond area is exactly the area in which the ancient McFarlane clan thrived. Who knows, David could be the descendant of a chieftain or something!

The second one I went hunting for (and well, I don’t know if I have ever mentioned? Sense of directions of mine? None. My ability to get lost should be a superpower or something). Anyway, after taking the wrong turn a couple of times I managed to find my way to Ripping Yarns [link], a lovely little bookshop in Highgate. Yes, they had bookshops in Greenwhich where I was staying for my two-day trip, they probably even had the book I was after, but that was not the point. The point was that in Ripping Yarns I could get what I wanted directly from the source, Weird things that customers say in bookshops by the lovely Jen Cambpell [link], who was kind enough to sign it for me ^^. Weird things that customers say in bookshops [link] is a collection of scary but terribly funny quotes of customer / bookseller interaction. You can get a sample here [link] and here [link] and then go buy the book here [link] unless you can be lucky like me and go meet her ^^

Cause this copy is mine and only mine, has my name on it (even if you don’t see it ^_~) and almost made miss my underground stop XD


4 responses to “London Trip Outcome

  1. Denise April 13, 2012 at 15:20

    *pats David* chieftain? Suuure. But the motto is scaringly fitting and should deserve an insider in the novel! And yay for signed books!