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My 500 words a day experiment (3): Victim #14 is done

Mixed feelings. After 85455 words, 26 chapters (+ a prologue and epilogue), and 86 days of writing (from Jan 19th to April 14th, minus four days), the first draft of Victim #14 is done and there is a blank in my mind. Like static on tv, only in my brain. Nothing much to say, except that rewrite starts on Monday. For now, have a few graphs with word counts on them.

I owe you a scenery post, and depending on how long that one becomes, I might break it up in two, and make one about the (in)famous kilts on all its own. Catch you then, stay tuned for more Scenery and the bonus of the decade: Google maps with locations for all the main events!


4 responses to “My 500 words a day experiment (3): Victim #14 is done

  1. Denise April 15, 2012 at 02:41

    Again and again I am so very impressed how well your chapter planning works out. When I look at the ups and downs in my own graph it feels like an impossible thing to do almost! The two 4k days are very impressive, too, and I am glad this almost doubled in total length from what you expected! Usually you take longer breaks before revisiting, not just one lone sunday no?