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This is my new “continuity error” flag. It is a bit of a self joke, and actually has nothing much to do with Koreans, just with one Korean in particular. Here’s the story: halfway through The Shikigami of Life, back when it was only a standalone, I came up with the idea that my Strong Female Character’s bedroom was off-limits to any men. It was a fun and easy way to convey her authority, so I wrote it into the book.

Cool? Cool.

Not cool.

Because a few chapters before that I had already written her Korean bodyguard standing inside that bedroom. Whoops.

Big whoops. Especially when it escapes you on the first edit. And on the second edit. And on the third. And seems to be an insignificant detail, and your beta reader does not catch it. And you print the whole thing. And send it off to friends (who never noticed either, by the way. I’m good at hiding continuity errors?). And suddenly you’re looking up an unrelated scene for the next book and the Korean in the bedroom punches you in the eye.

Moral of the story? Be alert and beware of Koreans in the bedroom.

Unless of course you’re into Koreans and want to welcome them in your bedroom. But that is another tale.


4 responses to “Warning!

  1. Denise April 23, 2012 at 10:54

    E2 had about four Koreans in the bedroom in that case. Counting only the once I noticed so far… but I am on it, fixing that.