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Victim #14 – Scenery (4)

Here is the last scenery post for Victim #14. It is a bit more random than the previous one, since basically it is random things that I want to show you.

First, I am not sure that I have mentioned this, but they drive on the left side of the road. I keep trying to remember if it is shown in the James Bond movies that the cars are… well, the other way around.

Selective perception is a funny thing. I had never noticed this monument to the fallen during the Korean War (click on the picture for bigger) the first couple of times that I went to the Necropolis before I started writing this, and when I was for the third scenery post [link], I used another entrance. This time, however, it almost punched me in the face as, you can imagine.

Speaking of perception, this is a neat trick with light. Since Scotland is a cloudy country, the buildings seem to have been built to reflect the sun if directly hit. It makes the streets look brighter, even when there’s just a bit of sun (just check the sky XD).

Coatbridge, where David lives, feels like the most boring place on earth. I mean… “Sunnyside”? Really? I think you are trying too hard and clinging to… that one sunny day a year.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, where the wounded heroes are treated. The entrance marked in red is the ER.

Also, this has nothing to do with anything but I think it’s worth pointing out that most of the Chinese population do not have accents. We’ve become used to the “Chinese accent” through movies and series, but a great deal of the Chinese Scots originally come from Hong Kong, and they have been speaking English all their lives.

Finally, I composed a map with the main locations that appear in the novel. I hope you like it / find it useful.

S – Cambridge Street
C – Coatbridge
D – Dumbarton
G – Glasgow City Centre
N – Glasgow Necropolis
I – Glasgow Royal Infirmary
P – Partick
Policeman – Pitt Street Police Station
V – Victorian house (approximate location, I don’t want anyone suing me!)

Okay, I lied. There’s something else here, a spoiler map! Location of the mobile phone towers that were used to triangulate the Calligrapher’s during his call [link]

Now, remember that I am moving out soon, is there anything else that you’d like to see before I leave? Last chance-ish to ask for pictures!


2 responses to “Victim #14 – Scenery (4)

  1. Denise May 1, 2012 at 09:11

    It is a very strange feeling sitting in what I consider the driver’s seat and…. not driving. I am still impressed on how well you handled the transition! The sunny houses picture is really cool!

    • Sakaki Delijah May 1, 2012 at 10:00

      It is, when I am not driving (in any of the seats now) I keep having the urge to adjust the mirrors.

      The light effect on the house fronts is really amazing, because you actually see it happen with the reflection of the house in front of them too, so it gives an effect of much more light than there actually is.