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Police Techniques

I’ve had some comments about the police in Victim #14 maybe being on the slow side, not being imposing, not connecting the dots… They act in a very different way from what we are used to see in crime shows.

Today I am going to share with you an actual document from the Strathclyde Police Department that was pushed past my letterbox a few hours ago. It refers to ‘an incident’ that might have happened just in front of my window a few days ago (I was in Edinburgh that day, so unfortunately I can’t help). about a month ago when I was at work so unfortunately I can’t help

How’s that for passive-aggressive questioning techniques?

  • ‘An incident happened’. No clue what, but considering that the person you are to contact seems to be part of the Police Professional Standards… police brutality? Maybe the reflective vest reflected someone too much? Haven’t really heard anything.
  • The incident happened a whooping six days month ago. It could be that they dropped by and I was not home – doubtful, I have spent most my time here except for Saturday morning. I mean over a month and I get a… letter… now?
  • Telephone: 07 means a mobile number. I hope the poor guy turns it off at night or he can leave it at work.
  • You’re welcome. Sorry I am unable to help, else I would use the chance to question you back…

4 responses to “Police Techniques

  1. Denise May 2, 2012 at 03:58

    Is this you and numbers again? The incident was 35 days ago… According to the pic. So not efficient if they ask you over a month later!! *smacks David*

    • Sakaki Delijah May 2, 2012 at 09:03

      I think brain autocorrected with “April” instead of “March” because passive-aggressive letter over a month later was too much for it….