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Ageing Bruises and Healing Scratches: wannabe forensic research

While working on Victim #14 I came across the issue of bruise ageing. Internet research told me that bruise colour is a general thing that follows ‘patterns’ but is not that good an indicator. I found a few pages depicting the colour of bruises according to their age and eventually decided on one as guide.

A few days after that… I banged my knee pretty hard about a rail guard and upon arriving home a few hours later I discovered a good-sized scratch which I decided to photograph. I did the same thing the next day. And the next, and the next. For three weeks I took pictures of the colour and size of my bruise and here it is, in case I you ever need to write about ageing bruises and scratch healing!

I recommend hitting the downwards arrow to move from page to page. If you need more detail you can find the full-screen presentation here [link]. I should have added scales and kept the same light and all that, I know. But oh, well, I did it for fun anyway.

P.S.: Yep, that’s my knee, which means you are seeing me for the first time on the blog! XD

P.S.S.: If you want to DL the presentation for any reason, contact me.


6 responses to “Ageing Bruises and Healing Scratches: wannabe forensic research

  1. Denise May 14, 2012 at 04:26

    I bet it would be different if I did it…