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Old Treasures

Here’s a light-the-mood post after my rave the other day. I am temporarily back to the house I grew up in, and have been checking some old stuff. When I was on the plane, I was thinking that ‘I could check to see if I found that mag I bought a couple of years ago’. Check below for that magazine… and the ‘couple of years’ that have passed, and a few of my early years treasures:

Dragon Magazine: Issue #250, August 1998, bought that same month! (index here [link])

You can say this was my first “geek research moment” XD I remember how hard it was for me to read back then though. Books in English were fine, but magazines had a more informal tone and I was not used to that just yet. It seems that things have happened quite a bit since then…

Dragonworld: This is the book that triggered my love for dragons, back when I was about 14. It was also the first book I chose openly against my mother’s thoughts of what was appropriate reading.

I am rereading it at the moment, and while I am enjoying it, I am way more critical with it. Maybe I am more jaded, but the premise of the book seems a bit off. It seems awfully easy to start a war between two countries that have been at peace for 200 years just… using rumours. Then again…

Colada: It is a reproduction of a historical sword belonging to a Medieval ‘Spanish Hero’ [link]

In the Middle Ages Spanish steel was supposed to be the best, combining high-carbon content steel with soft steel and forging in high temperatures. In Toledo (Spain) they still make swords ‘the old way’. This is one of them. Let me tell you, many imaginary battles has this sword taken part in…


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  1. Denise May 18, 2012 at 12:16

    SO? How heavy is it? =D