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Book Fair Madrid 2012

Yesterday I travelled to Madrid to go to the 71th Madrid Book Fair [link] (May 25 – June 10, Parque del Retiro). One of the Spanish bloggers I follow had said blog turned into a book and she was doing a signing (one of my comments made it to print too, LOL). I thought that today I’d tell you a bit about how it went, and show you some pictures.

There were about 340 stands of all kinds of books, from one dedicated to bibles alone to one of homoerotics. Some manga and comics stalls and many, many generic book shop stalls. And many, many people around, many people buying books. It was awesome. The problem was… heat XD Were talking mid-day in the middle of Spain under no shadow whatsoever. You can tell when heat became overwhelming and the onlookers moved onto the bars to get something to drink and some rest.

There were activities for kids, along with some guys (or girls) around dressed in plushie costumes, á la mascot that children could chase up to get a stamp. I don’t know how the dark purple bat person did not die of a heat stroke. Seriously.

I was surprised by the amount of book signings – a ton of them, some with higher success than others. Some of the stands were indulging on offering ebooks, and had I accepted every bookmarker I was offered I would have a couple of dozens at the very least. Have a few photographs:

The anecdote of the day was my being run over by a Twilight fan’s mother who wanted to get the book to her kid. She ran over me twice (she then came back to complain about change) and totally ignored my polite request for her to be careful and not to shove me aside. I am too nice.


6 responses to “Book Fair Madrid 2012

  1. Alexis May 28, 2012 at 02:36

    Oooooh, looks much awesome! Glad you got to go! Shame about the heat and Twilight mom <.<

  2. Denise May 28, 2012 at 07:18

    Is it just me or is the abbreviation highly ironic with what my mind immediately associated?