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Today has been a day full of up and downs, and very few people in the world know about the Upper of all those ups, but we will get there in another post. One of the downs is a wrongly issued bill that has me up the walls after cancelling my contract with the company; they for some reason decided to open a new account for me and bill me for an obscene amount of money. Urgh, let me tell you if this is a result of my ex-real estate agent being an inept, I am going to willingly pay the international call to yell at him.

But. Ups. Three ups.


Ex Libris

The Last Hero

A while ago, when got asked what I wanted as present for my birthday I redirected my sister to an awesome place out there on the Internet where they sell books signed by Terry Pratchett himself and one hell of a lot of merchandise, like leather bookmarks. You can check it out here [link]. Fortunately (or unfortunately), they do not carry the Assassin’s Guild scarf [link] else I might own it by now, and considering the temperature I might die out of it. Yes, I would wear it when it’s 36ºC outside, just to feel the awesome. After all I was craving for that bookmark, and I don’t use thick bookmarks because they drive me insane when they leave hollow bits between the pages – not the ideal person to buy, not even want, a leather bookmark.

However, let me repeat one of the previous sentences here, formatting and all: they sell books signed by Terry Pratchett himself. Yes, my copies of The Last Hero [link] and Snuff [link] have been held in Terry Pratchett’s hands, and he has signed… squibbled on them. I should stop abusing the bolds but I just can’t.

Ex Libris

The Last Hero

These two books have been in Terry Pratchett’s hands. You think that genius is contagious? I think so, it’s the first time since forever that I spell ‘genius’ right on the first try. Twice now.

(Funnily enough my beta got herself a signed copy of The Last Hero too and the signature is on a different page.)

I admire Terry Pratchett beyond words. I believe that his usage of the English language rocks all the adverb-detractor’s socks backwards. Not a word is out of place, not another synonym may have been used instead, the one on the text has exactly the right connotation. Nevermind, of course, how the discworld is too damn coherent for its own good. Yes, it is a disc travelling on top of four giant elephants who travel on the shell of a 10000-mile turtle. And yet it makes sense. It is so powerfully built that it has its own logic and becomes alive in your mind. Sometimes it is incredibly funny, sometimes it is so painfully funny that you want to cry – see Hogfather [link].

My favourite character in the series is DEATH. He… funny anecdote here, in Spanish DEATH was originally translated as female, since Spanish folk thinks the personification of Death is a woman; I think they changed it to male at some point, eventually – I stopped reading the translation and went for the originals. I also love the Death of Rats (Squeak), the Luggage and Bloody Bastard, the most brilliant mathematician of the Discworld!

Heading off to bed now, I will have to be strong and overcome the temptation to sleep with the books…


2 responses to “Ex Libris

  1. Denise June 23, 2012 at 03:00

    YOU HAVE SNUFF!!! I WANT SNUFF!!! and the different page for Last Hero signature is really funny!
    Also it is an Assassin’s guild’s scarf, of course death would follow!