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A while back I told you about a zombie plotbunny of mine here [link]. Miyamae Haruma, architect apprentice, finds himself in a little bit of a bind when he is doing an assessment of Yokosuke Thermal Powerplant. There is an earthquake and one of the towers collapses on top of the main building, trapping him and other three survivors inside. It is a bit of a tale of how they try to get out.

Last time I wrote about Lifequake I did not know much aside from the beginning of the story, the main premises – a recently broken-up couple, one of them is trapped inside, the other one is trying to get the first one out. Eventually, the one outside developed to Akita Reijiro, firefighter with some jealousy issues. Haru’s life depends on Akita’s fighting now.

When you’re out there fighting fire you can’t make it personal. It is your job. If you make it personal, then it is not your job, and that is dangerous. Sometimes, however, it is the fire itself that makes it personal – and it targets something that you cherish. The only thing that you can do then is fight. Because if you don’t fight, then you have already lost.

– Akita Reijirou

Today I know exactly which tower fell, in what direction, I know where the fuel leaked and the ocean caught fire. Silly as it might be, seeing Yokosuka Power Plant was one hell of a rush.

Here is what I saw:

I hope I can soon put together pictures for you to know where I place my characters, because I have a lot to show you. I know now where Gabriel and Akira boarded for Hanoi in Narita, where little Nao used to hunt trashcans for food or where the Ice Dragon vs Nemoto swordfight happened. I have been at the spot Nao called the Black Serpent from Tokyo, seen where he bought his phone and could walk to the ramen place. All in all, people, brace yourselves. The pictures are coming.

(Also, I am working on retagging and recategorising the whole blog. I’ll keep you posted, sorry if you use that for navigation. It will be messed up for a bit.)


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  1. Denise July 23, 2012 at 01:06

    Any chance for the corner where the chibi twins used to… operate?