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Today I wanted to get out of the house for a while, so I grabbed the smartphone (was not sure whether it was going to rain, so safer than the laptop) and headed out for some writing. Fought my way through a difficult scene, in the end it was about 600 words. It was generally fun and I had an epiphany that helped me go on.

In the end the sky cleared and I was following the sun since the wind was a bit chilly. I walked out some kinks in my back and had a general good time with my mp3 player and my writing.

Starting the Scene

Sky above me after the storm clouds were blown away –
There was a tiny bit of rain while I walked but just a few drops

Sun setting from where I was sitting, it started becoming cold

But I soon found another spot for an extra half an hour!

Typing in the smartphone is not the easiest thing to do, but saves time in the end, since I am hell handwriting and typing up afterwards. With today’s writing session, Hyakki Yagyo is nearing the end!


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