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T has been a little experiment of mine, one that has been very interesting to work on. Before talking about it though, I’ll introduce a couple of terms that show up in the story quite often:

  • Kabuki: form of traditional Japanese theatre
  • Kagema: male prostitute who works for a kabuki (theatre) company
  • Ronin: masterless/vagabond samurai

It is divided in two parts, each around 10500 words long. The first part happens in a never-named town in the late Heian period. Taichi, a kagema is approached by an idealistic ronin, who looks for help to overthrow the evil city governor. Taichi knows about poisons and the ronin, Kijuro, and his party, hope to get him to make the garrison sleep as they assassinate the governor.

In the second part, a theatre company in today’s Tokyo take on a newbie actor to play the ronin in a play based on the first part. Kiyoshi has a huge crush on the main actor, Tatsuya. Present and past come together as the actors bring the years-old characters back to life onstage.

I don’t think I can actually write anything else without completely spoil every little plot twist. I’ve been working on it with a rhythm of about 1000 words a day, and while the basic idea did not change, I bent the plot so the actual ending is the opposite of what I had imagined. Tatsuya also came up a bit different from what I had expected, stronger.

All in all, T was a fun experiment, albeit it failed in providing me with what I was looking for… a character to torture to relieve stress. Neither Taichi or Tatsuya had it in them to suffer well, I’ll have to keep looking.

Also. Short entry, no picture. Sorry, I’m on a trip and my bandwidth is veeery limited. Have a pic now:


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  1. Alexis September 11, 2012 at 23:48

    Oh, trip? Hope you are having a good time! I look forward to reading more of T when you are around again! I have been thinking about it and missing you! Take care! ❤

    • Sakaki Delijah September 13, 2012 at 00:42

      I had to drop by Stown to fix a few things and unfortunately it’s being more busy and serious than fun. I hope to be back online soon! ♥ I’ve been missing you too!