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In the experimental line I started with T, I’ve been working on Erika. As a child of the 80s I seem to believe everything in the future must fly – blame Michel J. Fox’s skateboard – so when I tackled trying a sci-fi, that was one of the few things I had clear: stuff had to fly, or at the very least hover.

I discovered that in my mind the future is also neon green. Not all of it, of course, but there is a serious atmosphere of neon green around. Other colours are welcome too, as long as there is neon tints. I don’t know why XD”

In my future there is a glaciation again. There are four seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter and riots. The usual climate in Tokyo is at least a foot of snow – as a matter of fact this is an actual future climate prediction, but not as popular as the heat going up and oceans rising and all that.

I thought up a not-really post apocalyptic future but not something at peace either. Two generations have been born since World War III when Europe bombed Tokyo. The bomb, built with super-secret technology, had unexpected effects on the children of those who survived it, but were still exposed to it.

What was named Erika Syndrome (ES) courses in male babies with muscular degeneration triggered in puberty, constant back pain, recurring headaches and migraines and breathing problems. The sufferers however, develop certain ‘psychic’ powers. Shinya, the character affected in the story, can project holograms of himself and read minds. Others can read feelings, use telekinesis or have special memory. Most of them can do the hologram projection though.

The police like people like Shinya, since their abilities to read minds quicken the resolution of crimes. Even though Shinya is confined in a bed, he works in hologram form with Homicide Detective Kawagishi, who is an old-style cop, partner bonding and all that.

Then they find a case where they bite more than they can chew…

All in all, I am not sure whether it worked as a sci-fi, but was entertaining to write and helped me give a bit more thought about the ES, which I had had in mind for a while ^^


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  1. Alexis September 25, 2012 at 00:44

    Oooooh, hearing more about, I am even more excited to read now!