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Odo Yakuza Tokyo (Anton Kusters)

Anton Kusters is a Belgian photographer who spent a couple of years photographing yakuza. Odo Yakuza Tokyo is a collection of those photographs that I just needed to own. You can see some other pictures here [on his webpage].

The man on the cover is called Shojirou, he is the first yakuza that Kusters met, and who carried out the negotiations to allow him to photograph the Shinseikai family. Kusters says that he wants to show a way of life, and not pass judgement, and let me tell you: a bunch of those pics are awesome as hell, others are creepy and even scary. Each tells a different story. I am hoping to get quite a few stories out of them. You know, the moment I’m done flailing XD


2 responses to “Odo Yakuza Tokyo (Anton Kusters)

  1. Alexis October 27, 2012 at 05:48

    Ah, wow! O.O