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NaNoWriMo 2012: Before and After Part 1.5: In-between

First if all, it seems that one has to make a big shout-out about bug numbers, so here is mine: woohoo, 100 posts. End shout out.

Once we took care of that, let’s move onto more interesting stuff. This post is a bit overdue because I kept thinking about the 100th post and wondering if I should do anything special. I decided not to, and I’m sure you did not really care about the shout-out anyway. As you know, November is National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo.

In preparation, I cleared up my schedule as much as I could for the first weekend (which also happened to be a four-day one) and tried to push the story as much as I humanly could. That ended up being 14,100 words on the first day, and contrary to what one would think no finger pain. Now wrists, that was another story, but I won’t say “never again” because I did say it about my previous record – 10,003 a day – and I broke it.

Crazy time management had me hitting 50k on the 7th around 10 p.m. Unfortunately, I needed to lower down the rhythm starting that weekend, to tend to other stuff happening, and the managed word count went down. Overall, however, I was done with Axis 95/11 by the 14th (NaNo in two weeks, yet another record for me) with 67025 words and an average of 4787 words per day. Not bad at all.

Originally I was not expecting to finish this fast, but suddenly a random idea took over the writing spree. I’m of course down to a lower average since I need to balance writing with the rest of stuff I got at hand, but it is working, and I aim for about 2k a day which sort of works ^^


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