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Inferno Credit Award Letter

Back in September I entered correspondence with the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Glasgow to claim my Inferno: Novel Writing Certification. It was impossible for me to get them to send a replacement of it, since apparently had it been lost – or sent to my old address after the redirection period was over, never mind my contacting them to give them my new address well in advance. I managed a pdf, though, not official-looking at all.

In October I contacted them again, changing strategies. Instead of asking to get my certification, I told them that my Credit Award Letter had gotten lost and asked if I could somehow obtain a replacement. The reply was immediate: yes, it should be with me now, please provide my new address (again) and it would be posted. A week later it was here.


Two whole pages of it, too and on official paper! Woohoo! And only took me four months of emailing. Snort.

But hey, does this mean I’m an official novelist?


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