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15 bytes of fame

A few months ago I started to follow Stephen Fry on Twitter and he retweeted, as he sometimes does, a lady. Fry had been to New Zealand shooting “The Hobbit” and had had trouble with his Internet. The lady in question is called Marian Schembari and was / is a social media (or self proclaimed, I have zero clue) expert, and she had written a post agreeing with him, and explaining that New Zealand net is not apparently the best in the world. A bit later she wrote a post called “What actually happens when a celebrity retweets you”. As of today, Fry has over five million followers on twitter, and Schembari’s site got fried (fryed) from all the traffic he directer to her blog.

Yes, this is in topic, and related to what I usually write about here. Remember Jake Adelstein? I’ve been talking about him quite a bit, since he is one of my sources of yakuza research. Last time I mentioned about him here. This talk was announced around the time I was in Japan, and I pouted up a storm about the TEDxKyoto taking place long after I was back. However, being a TED event, I was hoping that it would be youtubed or something, and it was. I was happy, I watched, summarized the content and moved on.

A few days someone who seems to collect yakuza resources, reblogged the entry, and I thought nothing of it, as they have done so before. Again, I moved on. And then a couple of weeks after my post, something happened. The Japan Subculture Rearch Center (Adelstein’s home-blog). Adelstein himself listed the seven points of his talk just the same way I had, and thanked Sakaki-san for doing the summary for him .

That would be yours truly.

Sure, he is not Stephen Fry for sure, but he linked through his blog to my post. That where I used the word “fangirling” to talk about him. Fortunately I seem to use such expression often XD. What actually happened was that a few of his readers ended up here, probably had a laugh or two about me, and my stats went a little bit crazy compared to that they usually are.

It was a weird situation to say the list. Keep in mind that I am just someone pretending to be a writer and that someone reads me here. Suddenly my silly post about Adelstein’s conference got over one hundred visitors and the man himslef knew who I was (and that I fangirl him LOL). For a few days I flailed and lol’ed and died and flailed again, then everything became normal again, the number of visits fell, and it’s back to me and my crazy little rumbles.

This is the power of the Internet, I guess. It gives you 15 bytes of fame sometimes.

(Oh, and I thanked him for the link and he thanked me back and yeah… that was awkward XD)


2 responses to “15 bytes of fame

  1. Alexis November 27, 2012 at 08:57

    Yay for awkward interactions with famous people! I has one now too! ^^;;;