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Rebuilding the Shikigami Timeline

If there is something that I’ve been putting back is working on The Shikigami of Blood. Part of the reason is that I dreaded checking the timeline, because I knew that The Shikigami of Life ran on a totally different timeline than The Shikigami of Night and The Shikigami of Trust, and The Shikigami of Chance might be kind of… odd. Surprisingly enough, the correlation is much better than expected, with only three Koreans in the Room (continuity errors) [link] for relatively minor events that will be eventually rearranged.

Something else that was keeping me from doing this was that I had not decided on an efficient method to rearrange the timeline – I do have a file, but at the moment it is rather… chaotic. Yesterday I decided that I would try with cards. I went over Life, Chance, Night and Trust and used little cards to write down the main events and all the scenes that featured Shirota. I worked on Life first, then added the events on Night, and finally the ones that I know have to happen in Blood. Finally I fit in Trust. I think that while the idea of “year” that I have in my head won’t work, the relative course of events is coherent.

That’s good at least XD

The next logistic problem was what to do with them, and I eventually glued them to my faithful notebook, with space for notes, and then built a new timeline file.

In case you are curious there are 79 cards, covering from about halfway Chance to the end of Trust. Blood starts a little bit earlier than Night, which sets the kickstart of Life about 1/4 into it.

I have been thinking about making a graphic timeline, but the problem with that is that the length span of the books is different – while Life happens in just a few months, Chance takes over a year. I’ve tried some timelining software, but in the end, I think the cards idea has been the most efficient one – at least, it is the method that has finally seen the timeline merged and reorganised!

Just don’t hope for the cards to be even and neat… I go for pragmatics, not pretty! (Read as: yeaaah, with all my hand-bones problems I could not cut straight with a pair of scissors if my life depended on it XD)


2 responses to “Rebuilding the Shikigami Timeline

  1. Denise January 23, 2013 at 14:17

    You could have… written in the notebook from the start?

    • Sakaki Delijah January 23, 2013 at 14:29

      No, the problem was that I had to move the cards around often, up and down. Writing it down ended up with a myriad of arrows and “this goes here” and became a chaos after the second book input