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“Chosen Ones”

I’m open to fantasy like the best of them, I really am. I like obscure prophecies and predictions and crystal balls and all the jazz. But “Chosen Ones” bug me. I think it is because most of the “Chosen Ones” I have found are usually “outsiders” (which in the end just means that they are a form of Mary Sues [link] and that really irks me.

It even does when I run into things like the old TinTin comics, of the Phantom, or the The Beastmaster – in the end we come back to the Caucasian (and in all my examples somehow blue-eyed and blond-haired) male that comes among the “lower rate” humans (or whatever) and basically pwns their asses.


An outsider, a real outsider, is not that much into anyone else’s country, culture or whatever, and I honestly don’t think any deity or so-called Wise Person would have appointed someone who has no clue about what they are doing as “Chosen One” for anything unless it involves heavy-duty language-classes.

Well, I was thinking about all that and I went and wrote a short piece vaguely related to the issue. Just click on the button to get to it ^^


4 responses to ““Chosen Ones”

  1. Denise January 28, 2013 at 04:53

    “An outsider, a real outsider, is not that much into anyone else’s country, culture or whatever”…. Objection?

    Aside from that, isn’t it usually that the outsider brings some characteristic or knowledge that is required to succeeding as the chosen one? I am thinking Neo in Matrix or Po in Kungfu Panda….

    Also just fyi, sharkbait freaks at the way you link the fic and does not open. Thought you might care to know ^^

    • Sakaki Delijah January 28, 2013 at 09:25

      Object as much as you want, I stand by what I say, sorry. I’m not referring to “someone who is from outside and has learned about the inside”. No, I’m talking about random people who go to a world they know nothing about and instant-world-saving because they magically know everything. No clue about Kung Fu Panda, but Matrix – as much as I dislike it – at least has some degree of… learning process involved.

      Yes, iphones freak at flash, I’m aware of it ^^

      • Denise January 28, 2013 at 14:17

        So, being blunt, what about me? I think I “am that much into another culture” that is not mine.
        I agree, I don’t like the magically know everything plots, but I do like the bring something new that locals dun know/can do aspect.

        I did like the fic though!

        • Sakaki Delijah January 28, 2013 at 14:32

          “You” would not be what I am calling a “real outsider”. You have studied, you have a knowledge of the culture that is not mine. What I refer is… imagine that your mom is the saviour of Japan when she arrives. Our you regarding… Zimbawe. That is what I am calling a “total outsider”.

          Thanks ♥