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I have a pretty bad cold, as a matter of fact is a head cold. Unfortunately it has me pretty much out of it, making me thick-headed and clumsier than usual.

Yesterday, while backupping my current writing file, I screwed up and replaced the new file with the old one, losing a whopping 3000 words in the process. Fortunately, after some geeky magic I was able to recover a file from yesterday mid-section and the amount of lost words is less than 350 words.

That was a big whoops XD

Today I am feeling a little less sick, so hopefully I don’t screw up again.

I’ve been thinking lately that it seems that my creativity has diminished, which makes me upset, I guess. It is not only that I don’t feel like writing anymore, is that stuff which would usually send my brain on overdrive has been lacking – some would say that muses are on vacation or unpaid leave.

Also, for the first time I am writing something blotched from the beginning. I know it is flawed. It is not that I am not doing my research, is that I am consciously going a route that does not really work, but at least I am writing something, even if I screw backupping it up…

( ×m×)オエェ…ハキソウ


2 responses to “Whoops

  1. Alexis February 20, 2013 at 05:19

    Gah, wow, glad geekiness came to the rescue! That would’ve made me so upset, to loose all that work!

    Maybe you’re just over-worked/ burned out a bit. You are crazy productive normally! Everyone needs some down time for the creative juices to recharge sometimes.

    Good luck and feel better soon!!

    • Sakaki Delijah February 21, 2013 at 16:55

      Fun part? I was feeling so sick I did not even feel upset, just… mildly miffed XD But it worked fine in the end with the geekery coming to the rescue XD

      I am not sure what’s going on, but oh, well, I have this for ranting anyway XD