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Slowly building up

I keep a calendar where I mark down with a green dot if I’ve written or no, as part of my ‘do something related to writing everyday’ project. Back in January I decided that I would not be keeping a spreadsheet about writing progress, as I though it would distract me from my actual goal – writing. For some reason I decided to build one the other day. Honestly the daily figures are off, and a couple of hundred words might have been written on December 31st. What surprised me is that not even counting the blog, I’ll be hitting 45,000 words in 2013 tomorrow. I feel I’m slowly getting back in the habit and writing becomes flowy again, even if of course mood influences everything.

Kuraokami is panning out rather different from the original sketch, which was written… 2007 or 2008 I think. A couple of driving scenes might be recycled – even if rewritten – but that story is a complete different one.

On another set of news, I had an ‘issue’ with the server I used to keep my images at, so I spent a whole weekend downloading them, reuploading them here and relinking all of them. It helped fix a couple of problems with some posts too. Unfortunately, the amount of spam one gets in WP seems to be related with the “weight” of the blog, so my spam-rate has increased. That made me make a few changes in comment policy, and I locked old posts. I also disabled commenting on pages and it seems to have been working (fingers crossed). Since I was at it I hid the wordpress likes, as I was getting more than a few likes from commercial blogs that seemed to be looking for visibility.

Also, randomly, I like writing while riding public transport. Not sure why.


4 responses to “Slowly building up

  1. Denise March 20, 2013 at 02:25

    I like writing on public transport, too. At one point I thought of sitting myself on the Yamanote to get past a bit of writer’s block. Luckily it did not come to that. Glad your flow is coming back slowly now. Lure it, cherish it…. and chain it down and breed more.