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Hyakki Yagyō Scenery (1): Shiba Kōen

I’ve noticed that I have not made any scenery posts for long, probably since I I talked about Yokosuka power plant, featured in Lifequake. However, considering how many of them I made of Victim #14 I thought it might be a good idea to start again, and since I am biased I will start with Shibakoen, where Ko, the tree yōkai of HyakkiYagyō is rooted.

I won’t deny that I am very biased, so this gets its own post and there will be a later one with further scenery.

Shiba Kōen (芝公園, Shiba Park) is located in the Minato Ward in Tokyo, just at the feet of Tokyo Tower. It was built around the built around the temple of Zōjō-ji Temple, which is the chief temple of the Jodo-Buddhist sect (that’s what reads in the sign, at least).

Here you can see the location on a map, with the area where the tree is planted marked… well, with a tree:

And here are some pictures. The first one was taken by the ever awesome Denise and edited by yours truly, the rest are by me.


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