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Blood Moon Writing Report

Better late than never, they say, and over a month late is better than not at all XD

Clocking at 26,000 words, Blood Moon is a yakuza short story that needs lots of work. It has a 5,000 word prologue that should be cut away (as it tells instead of showing), or integrated into the rest of the story, but that allowed me to get a feeling of the characters before delving into the main story.

The story was originally inspired by King Lear’s adaptation by Akira Kurosawa, Ran. In King Lear the King divides the kingdom among his three children, and it backfires badly. In Blood Moon, the old leader of a the Yoshida clan suffers a stroke before officially announcing that he wished the hereditary line to skip his son, so his older grandson inherits the direction of the Family.

Said father, of course, is not happy to be skipped.

The story follows Yoshida Kojiro, who is the younger grandson. Although he is not the designed heir, he finds himself caught in the war as he belongs to what has lately been named ‘the corporate yakuza’. He knows his way in business – both the legal and shady ones, and thus he is a key pawn in the chess game.

Kojiro, supported with his bodyguard Takemura Shintaro, is in charge of controlling the smuggling traffic through the Haneda airport. Unfortunately, other Asian mafias, aware of the internal power struggle in the Yoshida group, start trying to make a move into their turf, and that includes Haneda.

All hell breaks loose when an anonymous would-be killer stabs Kojiro within the airport lounge, and nobody knows whether the hit was an inside or outside job.

Blood Moon is up to day the most violent and ‘real-life-like’ yakuza story I’ve written (all those books had to weight in some XD), and it needs lots of work, which I plan to invest this summer.


2 responses to “Blood Moon Writing Report

  1. Alexis May 29, 2013 at 10:39

    Sounds interesting! Possibly too ‘real-life-like’ to be my favorite type of story. But still very cool! Good luck with it!