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Hidden in the Stats

Sometimes it is fun to find out what people Google to get to you, and I was quite surprised one day a few months ago when checking the lists, I found this…

Referring to this post.

I was surprised that someone would look for the title of the post within the blog itself (the archives are easily findable), but I did not think much of it until the other day when suddenly the stats went uuuup in one day, and most of those visits had been to one particular post:

Those visits had come from the US. I forgot to screencap the map, but a couple of days later, said map looked like this:

And while I know that it is the most logical way, as most traffic would come from the US in any case due to the blog’s language and the rate of netizens that come from North America… I just have to ask.

Chase, is that you?


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