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Blood Moon first edit

Blood Moon is a relatively short yakuza story that takes place a lesser-known ward of Tokyo, Ota-ku, where Haneda airport is located.

Originally the story had two parts, a 6,000 words prologue setting the main character’s background, and the main one, 20,000 words, which are the story itself. Soon after I started the editing, I began wondering if all the background was actually necessary to get to know the characters, and after a couple of pages, I decided that it wasn’t. Thus, I cut it all out. It was good having written it, as it gave me a feeling of knowing the characters, but the content itself was not necessary. I did not have to go into Kojiro’s eye surgery procedure to convey that he had had sight problems when he was younger.

I think that after undergoing the editing, Blood Moon has improved a great deal, although still needs double checking and more work. However, now I think that it is a consistent story.

The main character, Kojiro, has settled down in my mind, and his inner struggle makes sense enough so he can be a coherent guy all throughout the plot, and his actions – that at first looked whimsical and random – make sense now. Takemura has started to get a bit of a third dimension, and the secondaries are rounder, and can actually be told apart!

If you are curious, you can have a first sneak peak at the WIP here (around 1,500 words):


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