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Experiments Gone Right: The Barman

Sometimes stories don’t go as planned, and they don’t work. Some other times, even if they don’t go as planned, they do work. The Barman did not go as expected at all, and still I am quite happy how it came out.

The original idea was to define a character, a barman, through the eyes of the many customers he comes in contact with. This involved many different snippets from different points of view. I soon realised that this was not working as 1000 words per snippet was not enough to give an overview of the character themselves and the barman. In the end I went with four characters, as different as I could make them:

  • Ginji, a professional keyboardist
  • Ishikawa Yayoi, a doctor who has just arrived in town
  • Hashiba Sai, an ex-yakuza who works in a distribution warehouse
  • Abukara Noboru, the other barman

The final scene is from the main barman’s point of view so we finally get a glimpse into his thoughts. And of course, there is Bruiser, his long-haired German Shepherd, who in the end saves the day.

The complete story is about 16,000 words, divided in 15 scenes/snippets and written in 13 days. I started it as an experiment to present one character through the eyes of the people he comes in contact with, and I think it worked, even if not from very different points of view. All in all, I’m happy with how The Barman panned out.


One response to “Experiments Gone Right: The Barman

  1. Alexis August 27, 2013 at 04:21

    Oooooh, sounds interesting!