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Experiments gone wrong: Tokyo Shadows

Last time around we spoke of experiments gone right but sometimes experiments go wrong. With Tokyo Shadows I wanted to work on a cliché, with a twist, and ended up with a disaster.

Let’s start from the beginning. Oftentimes in crime shows or books, you come across BDSM- practitioners that may or may not be the murderer. In most cases, even if the BDSM person is proven to be innocent, they are still ‘weird’ or crazy. Even in the only ‘good’ BDSM character that I’ve come across on mainstream TV, [spoiler till the end of the paragraph] Lady Heather in CBS’s CSI, she is ‘redeemed’ in the end and she walks away from ‘the lifestyle’.
So I tried to write a thriller story revolving around the BDSM community, for once they are the victims. I had a group of characters that had worked well in short stories and an idea. I knew who the killer was beforehand, too.

To no avail. The thriller part is boring, and the characters flattened out. I could combine two doms and two subs and they would have the same weight in the story. I am not sure exactly where it went wrong, so it is back to the drawing board for me with this. The fun (read as ‘extremely frustrating’) part is that the characters still work outside the main Tokyo Shadows arc, it is the interaction under pressure that makes it all go to hell.

Oh, and the ending was the worst thing I may have ever written. Not kidding, I could just find no way to wrap the whole thing. Urgh.


2 responses to “Experiments gone wrong: Tokyo Shadows

  1. Alexis September 19, 2013 at 04:23

    Awe, that is a shame! I do like the idea of bdsm couples being presented in a healthy light in a crime drama type plot, though.