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I just stabbed my MC*

* MC = main character

In the back. Treacherously.

Long ago, when I started writing, I used to see it as an outlet for repressed feelings – believe me, it was better than other ideas I had. For the last couple of months things have been rough, and I just… I guess I have just snapped and stabbed the main character of my new short story in the back. I am considering letting him die, but then I need to switch POVs to explain the rest of the story. I mean, yes, there is a reason why he just got a kitchen knife in his back, other than me not feeling cheery and happy with myself nor the world. I do have another character that could take over the narrative, he even had a brief introductory POV. Or he could find himself being the hero.

Or maybe let the story float in a completely different way…

Well, that was a weird update, don’t you think? XD


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