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Kokeshi revisited

While free-writing is an entertaining exercise, it becomes a bit of an awkward thing to do when you go over 3-4,000 words in a story. The other night I was considering killing Kokeshi, the MC in the story that shares his name. I made my decision in the end (not telling XD) and the result is… awkward is a bit of an understatement. Okay, it is a huge one.

kokeshiHowever, right now I know how I want the story to go, to happen and to have happened, and thus I have a plan. Yes, the POV switches are painful at the moment, characters pop out of nowhere, the scenes are randomly cut and Crow’s personality takes a bit of a turn from his first POV to his second, but nobody says that I need to go with this as a definitive version of the story.

I can just finish the hammering I’m doing at the moment and then start again, knowing where I’m going, knowing how my characters tick, who I need and what their motivations are.

So that’s the plan.


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