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Kokeshi (version 2)

Before NaNo I was working on a short story I called Kokeshi and which I decided to completely rewrite. I had a good idea for it, but somehow NaNo came along and completely caught me off-guard. And guess what? I forgot to note down my good idea and… I completely forgot about it, so when I opened the file after finishing The Shikigami of Blood I drew a blank on what I wanted to do with it.

I had a very clear idea about Kokeshi, the main character, but the other one, Crow, was completely gone from my mind. Lesson learnt, though: “TAKE NOTES, EVEN WHEN YOU’RE SURE YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FORGET THAT IDEA!!”

kokeshi I reread everything that I had written for the first version and rewritten for the second, and I could go on, but the original idea I had was lost forever. I was not able to remember it, no matter what. There had to be a reason why Crow acted the way he did. I decided not to mourn too much over the lost idea, and started anew.

The dynamics between Kokeshi and Crow stay more or less the same in both versions, although the second one is more detailed. Same base course of action, same ending, but the POV switch is much smoother now, and Crow makes sense, on a distant plane. He really does, at least to me.

Now I plan to let them rest for a while and then, maybe, I will see about working a new story with Crow’s background. Not because I need it for Kokeshi but because it might be cool XD


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