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The first look at The Last Yokai War of Edo (*)

(*) Edo: Former name of Tokyo

After working on adding a couple of chapters to Hyakki Yagyō in January, I started to work on a story in the same universe set a couple of decades after the end of that story. I used The Yukionna’s Claim one-shot as tie in between the two stories. If one ignores that it sort of got out of hand, and I just passed 13,000 words. It was not expected, though. The Last Yōkai War of Edo was not supposed to be that long, however the main character, Minamoto Shun, developed much more depth than I had thought he would.


Shun was brought up a Christian, but he is an onmyōji, which brings him in contact with the creatures from Shinto and Buddhist tradition. When he is recruited by the OABu and moves to Tokyo, he falls into a heart-wrenching crisis of faith.

I am worried about Kikuchi’s evolution. He is a greenhorn in the original story, but now he’s over 40, and quite close to the high hierarchy of the OABu. However, it seems that the only thing that ties both sides of the character is their hatred for Ko. Sometimes they don’t feel like the same person, but some others I think they’re totally unconnected.

For now Tomori’s character is rather unrepresented, as a new arrival named Tsukioka is taking up most of his screen time, and Ko is not even featured except having his name mentioned. He is supposed to have a key role… eventually.

Senso-jiThere were a few things that I would have liked to get into Hyakki Yagyō, but I did not find how. I skipped writing about tengu, because I was not sure about how to feature them, and although I always knew that there was a huge force field around Sensō-ji, I only mentioned that a couple of times during the main story. I just wrote the tengu in, and I have plans for Sensō-ji, along with something else I am dying to feature, if I manage – Billiken, Osaka’s god of things as they ought to be. Shun really needs a pep-talk from him, I’d say, about life, the universe and everything before the young man drives himself to a stroke.

For now, Shun has no idea of what is in for him, but the problem I find is that the plot leaps from event to event, with nothing much happening in between, so I am not sure the characters are developing logically. I’ll have to see to that when I have the whole skeleton, whether it is a better idea to keep the story as is, or divide it into chapters to help acknowledge the time jumps.


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