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The Landed Sea Witch: Flash Fiction for Tube-Flash

The Casket of Fictional Delights is a short story vault owned and coordinated by Joana Sterling. Ms. Sterling has two passions: fiction and brooches, and a while ago she came up with the idea of Tube-Flash, a collection of flash fiction (under 300 words) dually inspired by a brooch out of her collection and how the brooch pairs up with one of the London Underground stations. Stories are posted every Monday at 09:55 a.m., and a few weeks later the audio version is available.

On March 3rd, 2014 I was lucky enough to become a part of the Tube-Flash project.


The Cutty Sark, is a British clipper ship built on the Clyde in 1869. After a long life and serving under several flags, she was transferred to permanent dry dock at Greenwich, London on public display. After it was damaged in a fire and subsequently restored, it is open to the public since April 2012.

These pictures were taken by yours truly a couple of weeks before the grand re-opening:




Something that you can’t appreciate in these pictures are the figurehead, so let me show you another photograph by Sanba38 at Wikipedia. It shows Nannie Dee, a character by Robert Burns in his poem “Tam o’ Shanter”, an erotic witch who steals the tail of Tam’s horse after he calls out to her rather disrespectfully.


Follow the link to find the story at the Tube-Flash site, and mind the gap:



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