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The Landed Sea Witch Scenery – Cutty Sark

I was in London this weekend, so I made a point to drop by the Cutty Sark, the inspiration for The Landed Sea Witch, which you can find at The Casket of Fictional Delights in written form and podcast as part of the Tube Flash Project. Last time I was in London it was not open to the public yet, but this weekend I was finally able to go in.

The main exhibition seemed to be about the tea that the ship had carried, and well, coffee drinker here, but the structure of the clipper ship, the hull and the restored boards are very beautiful. The ropework is very cool, too, and the glass frame on which the ship floats is not that bad after all.

Whole view, artistic take

tlsw_nw_2014 (1)

tlsw_nw_2014 (2)

tlsw_nw_2014 (3)
Nannie Dee headpiece

I came through North Greenwich station, of course, so mission 100% accomplished:

tlsw_nw_2014 (4)

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