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The Last Yokai War of Edo: Writing Report

The Last Yokai War of Edo takes in the Hyakki Yagyō universe, twenty years after the first story, and three or four after The Yuki Onna’s Claim. It is not really ‘futuristic’, but I think that was the last thing I was aiming for, I was trying to focus on the emotions and the interpersonal interactions (well, human-yōkai-spirit ones at the very least).

The OABu is still running, and it has changed its policies to some extend. Some of the characters from both the previous stories show up, but the main focus is on Minamoto Shun, the OABu’s most recent incorporation. The kicker is that Shun is not a Shinto onmyōji, he’s a Christian with some powers that he can’t control, and who has… different values.
Shun is about to learn that his powers brush the unimaginable, and that everything he has lived is pointing him to the choice he has to make. When he meets the creature that dwells in Shibakoen, his perception of good, evil and yōkai switches, and he makes a decision. He is willing to tamper with ancient magic and forgotten spells in order to meet his goal, which might not be a totally sane one.

Cryptic? Yeah, I know. But the problem is that it is very hard to talk about Edo without spoiling anything previous. All in all, this story clocks in at roughly 40,000 words, which sets the universe in the 110,000-range after adding the two chapters to the original story.

The story flowed really well since the moment I realised where I was going with it, and it has made me feel like writing Abe no Seimei’s diary, which in-verse is referred to as ‘The Lost Book of Abe no Seimei’, and thus telling all his story but a) research and b) first person deter me…

All in all I had fun being back to this verse, but I fear I have a lot of editing to come in the future if I want it to make sense and not to find myself with too many Koreans in the bedroom.


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