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LaTeX Template #3

It has been a while since I updated my geeky category, so here’s my newest \LaTeX template. I have used it for Retriever and Axis 95/11 print outs, and they came out pretty nicely. Since the other day someone stumbled around here searching for book templates, I thought it might be cool show you the latest ones.


  • Font: Knuth’s Computer Modern, 11 pt
  • Double-spaced lines
  • Paginated: arabic page numbers, centred on the footer
  • Variable margins, customizable
  • 9″ x 6″ size, customizable
  • Title page (Title, Author and [deactivated] Date)
  • Complex Headers, customizable
    • Odd page, left: Author’s name
    • Odd page, right: Chapter [#]
    • Even page, left: Author’s name
    • Even page, right: Book’s title
  • Prologue and Epilogue with according headers
  • Table of contents with Prologue – Chapter [#] : [Chapter’s title] – Epilogue structure and page numbers
  • English language, customizable
  • Graphics activated
  • Blindext filling (easy removal)
  • Customized indentations: command and environment
  • Preamble organized in blocks for easy customization
  • Turn off personalized headers
  • Turn off TOC customization
  • Tables and frames
  • Math symbols & equation environments (deactivated)
  • Hyperlinks codes (deactivated)


Check it out here



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